Meet Jack Posobiec


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#NoMoreJewishWars: The Alt-Right Turns on Trump Over Syrian Bombing

Angry White Men

Trump Constipated Face[Note: I began work on this article prior to President Trump’s military strike against Syria.]

News just broke that the U.S. launched between 50 and 60 Tomahawk missiles at Syria in retaliation for the recent sarin gas attack in the Idlib province on Tuesday.

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Kyle Sean Chapman aka “Based Stickman”; A Thug with a Violent Criminal History


Meet Kyle Sean Chapman of Daly City, California. He is the new hero of the racist AltRight due to his violent behavior during a rally in Berkley, California on March 4, 2017.

The situation is this: there was a pro-Tump rally in Berkley, California, organized by the AltRight play-acting thug gang called the “Proud Boys;” an organization formed by the alternative media hack and buttplug enthusiast, Gavin McInnis. What went down during this rally is still being pieced together. What we do know is that Chapman arrived at the rally dressed for a violent confrontation, armed with pepper spray (which he recklessly used and hit an elderly man the face) a helmet, gas mask, shield, body armor and a stick which he used to smash over the heads of people who disagreed with him.


According to our comrade over at the Angry White Men blog:

Based Stick Man, identified as Kyle Sean Chapman, was among those arrested, however. He now faces six charges, five of which are felonies, including: carrying a concealed weapon/dirk or dagger, selling/furnishing tear gas, illegal use of tear gas, assault with a stun gun/less lethal weapon, assault with a deadly weapon (not firearm), and rioting. He will be arraigned on March 7, 2017 at the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse.


Everything else you need to know about Chapman and his new found fame through domestic terrorism can be found here on Evripedia with one wrong reported detail that they claimed the elderly man was pepper sprayed by Anti-facists, when it was proven later that the elderly man was sprayed by the Proud Boys gang and possibly Chapman himself.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 9.56.54 PM

This is not Chapman’s first run-in with the law. In an indictment from 2008– (USA V Adams, 3:08-cr-02531)– where Chapman was arrested for illegal possession of a firearm, we see in Count 4 a laundry list of his past criminal activity.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.34.46 PM

November 9, 1993- In 228 District court of Texas in the City of Houston, second degree robbery, in violation of Penal Code 29.02, punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding one year.

July 30, 2001-In the Superior Court of California , County of San Diego, Grand Theft, in violation of Penal Code 487 (A), punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding a year.

January 29,  2008- within the Southern district of California – did knowingly and unlawfully possess in and affecting commerce, a firearm, to wit: 12- gauge Western Field shotgun, model M-550 AR ( with no serial number due to the firearm’s pre-1968 manufacturer ); in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Secton 922 (g) (l) and 924 (a) (2).

The whole indictment document for the 2008 case can be found here:

The judgement for the 2008 case can be found here:

Pro-Rape defender and twitter gadfly Mike Cernovich jumped into full grifter mode, raising at least $50K for Chapman’s legal defense fund. He also offered the service of scummy porn attorney Marc Randazza, who Cernovich knows from his involvement with Jeffery Epstein’s underage sex trafficking ring case. Randazza is defending Alan Dershowitz– who is accused of patronizing Epstein’s sex ring— on his blog.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 12.36.19 PM

Chapman is a hero to the AltRight because the AltRight often speaks of their fantasies of mass genocide, throwing people out of helicopters and going open season on people they don’t consider white. Here is a quote from Chapman himself, with examples of his supporters:


Welcome to Trump America…


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Mike Cernovich, Alan Dershowitz and the Jeffery Epstein Underage Sex Trafficking Case


This past October we wrote an article about Virginia wannabe-gubernatorial nominee Corey Stewart and his Periscope interview with Alt-Right gadfly Mike Cernovich.

Cernovich, a noted Twitter addict and legal rape advocate, issued this tweet, wherein he made the claim that he was being targeted by accused child prostitution ringleader Jeffrey Epstein. Cernovich’s tweet consisted of a heavily redacted court document that he claimed was “proof” of “secret legal filings” against him.


Unredacted information on the court document included the case number, 1:15-cv-07433-RWS. This case is better known as Giuffre V. Maxwell, and is a suit filed by a woman named Virginia Giuffre against British heiress Ghislane Maxwell, alleging that Maxwell acted as a facilitator and groomer for Jeffrey Epstein’s child prostitution enterprise, and that Maxwell was directly responsible for trafficking the then-underage Giuffre as an unwilling prostitute.

Cernovich inserted himself into this case in January of 2017 when he made a motion to intervene and a motion to unseal previously sealed court documents and exhibits in this case. Cernovich’s claim is that his motion to unseal these items is a purely journalistic investigation, and that it was part of his “quest” to oppose pedophiles. This is, apparently, not the case.

It is then with no small amount of irony that we note that Cernovich’s motion was aimed against Giuffre, not on her behalf.

According to the response in opposition to Cernovich’s motion to unseal, documents filed by Giuffre’s attorneys state that Cernovich is attempting to unseal documents that were sealed under an order intended to protect Giuffre. The opposition documents further state that Cernovich’s motion to unseal mirrored earlier motions to unseal filed by celebrity attorney and close personal friend Alan Dershowitz– who is also named as being involved with Epstein’s sex ring– and that Cernovich is acting as Dershowitz’s proxy. They also noted how Cernovich has been a pro-rape advocate, often using rhetoric favoring the targeting of rape victims, as well as Cernovich’s relationship with Dershowitz, most notably Dershowitz’s appearance in Cernovich’s movie “Silenced”.


Mike Cernovich and his good friend Alan Dershowitz

People unrelated to court cases can and do act as Amicus Curiae (literally, “friend of the court”) wherein they act as unrelated third parties that submit information that may be of relevance to the case. An Intervenor is distinct from an Amicus Curiae in that an Intervenor is bound as one of the parties in the case. As an Intervenor, Cernovich is binding himself to the defendant– Ghislane Maxwell.

Instead of acting as someone fighting child prostitution, Cernovich is defending an accused lieutenant of an international child sex ring.

Further investigation revelaed that Dershowitz filed a motion to intervene in August, 2016, and subsequently filed a motion to unseal the same documents as Cernovich later requested to unseal in 2017. The opposition to Dershowitz’s motion spans 31 pages and can be read in full here:

Dershowitz’s involvement in this case stems from his concurrent status of being accused of patronizing Epstein’s criminal enterprise.

Dershowitz is a toxic figure in this case in his own right. From the opposition to Dershowitz’s motion to unseal:

Indeed, in over 50 statements to the press, he has explained to the world (if not this
Court) his reasons for maintaining his attacks on Ms. Giuffre in the media, in which he has
publicly called her a “prostitute” and a “bad mother” to her three minor children. McCawley
Dec. at Exhibit 20, Local 10 News, January 22, 2015. For example, Dershowitz has made the
following statements:
· “The end result of this case should be she [Jane Doe No. 3] should go to jail, the lawyers
should be disbarred and everybody should understand that I am completely and totally
innocent.” McCawley Dec. at Exhibit 21, CNN International, New Day, January 6, 2015.
· Dershowitz also stated, in an interview in Newsmax, that he is “considering” bringing a
lawsuit against Jane Doe No. 3. “And we’re considering suing her for defamation as well, but
right now she was trying to hide in Colorado and avoid service, but we found her and we
served her and now she’ll be subjected to a deposition.” 38
By his own words, Dershowitz wants to intimidate and harass Ms. Giuffre with the specter of his
sending her “to jail.”

By essentially re-stating Dershowitz’s motion to unseal, Cernovich is little more than Dershowitz’s tool by which he seeks to intimidate a victim of child sex trafficking– and he is stating the opposite to his network of gullible and sniveling fans who throw cash at him for his useless vitamin supplements and badly written books.

And to add more proof of the collaboration between Cernovich and Dershowitz , Dershowitz filed filed a motion in support of Cernovich’s motion to unseal

Cernovich is, of course, little more than a Twitter crybully who bemoans the deletrious effect “feminists” have on males and western society, and to that effect has offered free legal advice (you get what you pay for, I guess) to his followers about how to “get out” of “false rape charges.” Cernovich has been banned from Fox News of all places, for his continued advocacy for the decriminalization of rape and as an apologist for rapists.

To see more of the court documents of this case you can find them here.

Cernovich is also a close collaborator with the equally unhinged characters Roger Stone and Jack Posobiec. Roger Stone being the same one who was a Trump electoral campaign fixture and a substitute host on Infowars. Posobiec’s primary skill is manufacturing still-born scandals, and his main claim to fame was his incessant pushing of the long debunked “pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which was promoted on Infowars. Cernovich, Stone and Posobiec all worked together on putting together the so-called “Deplora-Ball” inaugural ball in Washington DC, which saw Stone being denied entry to his own ball by security.

(This exchange was captured on video by Vice News, where Stone referred to the entire ordeal as a “Cluster. Fuck.”)

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Pat Dollard, Former Breitbart Contributor, is an Outspoken White Nationalist

Angry White Men


Previously this blog (along with others, including Media Matters) exposed Breitbart contributor Virginia Hale as a white nationalist with a long history of racist and Islamophobic rhetoric.

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Counter Countersignal Delivers Doxx; This Time: Mike Enoch

This has been quite the week for doxx, as we reported the racist TRS crew and demented perv alt right perv “Millennial Woes” was stripped of their anonymity and thrown up on 8Chan’s /pol/ …mostly because they are unlikeable and obnoxious… and channers like to dox.

We have no clue if Mike Enoch was doxxed by the same people who doxxed the rest of the TRS rabble, and we really don’t care, because good cake is still good!

Counter Countersignal posted up on the free for all blogger site , but it was taken down pretty quickly.


And we even have the PDF for you: meet-mike-peinovich-the-upper-east-sides-neo-nazi-media-kingpin


And while we are not going to repost the entire article, we are going to share with you the gleaned images as they were gifted to us so they shall be to then world !

Meet Mike Peinovich AKA MIKE ENOCH






We found his wife’s Flickr page


Okay, we are not going to post his personal address and all that, but if you want to find all that just try here

According to their article , they had some good tip-offs from Cooper Ward aka Ghoul from TRS who is probably fed up with his fellow douchebags.

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Michael Savage Discusses the Trump Dossier With a Member of 4chan’s /pol/

The world of 4Chan is blackhole of insanity…

Angry White Men


Earlier I posted about the Trump dossier and the controversy surrounding it. The dossier and the claims within it about the president-elect are still unverified, but for a while there remained the possibility — however remote — that the whole thing was concocted in the Internet’s black hole of decency known as 4chan’s /pol/ board.

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Anglin Bails on Nazi March FAIL!

“…it looks like we may have to reschedule the event for sometime in February,…”

-The Equivocator Anglin


We called it! Andrew is spinning his proverbial web flackery.

His Whitefish Nazi march is not and never was happening, and the facade is shattering.


The timeline

On January 4th we challenged Anglin to prove that there was an actual permit for his little fantasy march where he and his imaginary friends and their imaginary guns where claiming they were going to threaten the town. The date itself was dodgy, there were mixed reports of first the 15th, then finally the 16th was pegged when a scanned image of a partial completed application appeared.

January 6


We, along with several other sources, contacted the City Clerk; we were all told that the application hadn’t been received. Our conclusion: it was not sent in.

By January 9th, reported by KPAX,  finally sent in the permit application. It was incomplete and from a logistical perspective too late to organize.

He probably sent in the application less than ten days before the march because he knew it would be rejected.

January 10, Promptly (as if he planned it), Andrew wailed like a cranky toddler in Chuck-e-Cheeses back to his half witted Mudkip followers, and in true PT Barnum he fabricated tall tales about chartered buses and the ACLU.

January 11,  Andrew finally bails, “postpones” the rally and blames Jews, “March on Whitefish to be Postponed After Jewish Trickery,” huffs and puffs about “lawsuits” and how he had “spoken at length with [his] lawyers.”

In other comments Andrew dread-bolts more hooey and claims a Federal law suit!

fedcaseBuild a federal lawsuit on city / municipal case? Really?



Dealing with Andrew Anglin is a huge pain in the ass. If people don’t know him, he appears very scary. But in reality he is really nothing more than an energy draining manipulator, but, nothing remotely bigly.

Our theories on Andrew Anglin:

Andrew may have gotten his start back in the old days of 4chan, and may have even participated in a few Anon raids. Who knows?

4Chan’s bedrock is freedom of language as it is a free for all platform where almost anything goes. Andrew could have found a petri dish to grew his virus there.

Andrew also probably picked up a number of his bootlicking riff raff from Stromfront, Alex Jones and Breitbart.

When life gives you a lemonhead-make lemonade; Or how Andrew Anglin helped raised so much money to “Fight Hate”


Calling bullshit on all sides

We have no idea what went down between Sherry Spencer and the Whitefish realtor. There is a  lot of she said/she said and different versions of what went down from different sources.

There is also a claim that Sherry Spencer had nothing to do with Richard Spencer’s politics. This is really not true. There is very strong evidence that Richard’s whole family was at the 2010 HL Mencken club conference, a conference put on by paleo conservative Peter Gottfried (the man who created the term “Alt Right”) where there was a cast of racist speakers and conference attendees including Pat Buchanan, Kevin DeAnna, John Derbyshire and of course the visceral anti-immigration immigrant,’s Peter Brimlow.


From the left: Peter Brimlow, Nina Spencer, Lydia Brimlow and Sherry Spencer

Now, having stated all this, does this give anyone the right to bully Sherry Spencer?

No, of course not!

If Sherry Spencer was indeed bullied into selling her property or even extorted into giving money to anyone due to threats, she has every right to file a suit and deserves justice. We really do not know if this was the case, but if it was we can bet dollars to donuts that Andrew’s big glory hound antics probably fucked up any lawsuit she might have had for the future.

We also want to make note of how much money was being raised from the “fight hate” groups in Montana over this big charade of Andrew’s. We have not dug too deeply into finding out the exact amount, but we are confident in stating that probably thousands of dollars were raised on the behalf of those who took Andrew’s bullshit seriously, or even by those who might have had an idea it was all theater and took advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on it. Andrew Anglin was a tremendous asset to their fundraising !

Andrew himself probably capitalized on the grift. We’re sure there is a friendless stereo installer somewhere who got suckered into giving big bucks to the tall tales of cosplay Nazi marching, as well as bilking donor bucks from the various other goblins who follow him blindly.

What happens now?

Andrew is claiming his march is postponed till February, …because gathering outside in Montana in February is really such a great idea!


Our guess is he means he is going to keep on milking this rag bag for what it is worth, and in turn, those he claims to oppose will continue supporting the idea of a make-believe Nazi march and make more cash.

All we can suggest is to make more popcorn and don’t get suckered into throwing your money away ! Peace!



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This past week has been most entertaining! 🍿 First watching the drama in Whitefish and then #OpManletFuhrer; there will be more on that in our next post.

We have not paid attention to The Right Stuff nazi blog, because to be honest, it just looks like another attention-whoring, alt-right hoodlum festival of tired, old, trash-talking racist libertarian punks. Containing nothing more than uninspired, recycled content from the old Hal Turner show, this also makes us suspect that it could be another .gov honeypot. Their YUGE claim to fame was creating the (((echo))) parentheses plugin over the names of people and topics they think are “Jewish.” This then backfired when nearly everyone on social media put the echoes around their own names to show solidarity against anti-semitism. “Mike Enoch”– the lead punchinello in this toilet circus– has yet to be doxxed, although his supporting cast of characters has. His identity has been hermetically protected on several occasions– which adds even more suspicion– along with the fact that he is also apparently from Bergen County, New Jersey, another connection to Hal Turner.

The Doxxing we are sharing with you was not done by us, because, we were never really that interested in TRS. It seems to have sprung out of a feud between TRS and an 8Chan board called Baphomet. This doesn’t surprise us. Fucking with Chans is incredibly stupid, and TRS is obviously stupid; they stuck their dicks into the hornet’s nest and they got what they asked for.


What probably happened

The last doxx we added at the bottom is not from the TRS-8Chan fuckery , but the Millennial Woes 411, which is now inspiring a clickbait media frenzy. We do believe his original exposure is from Scottish Antifa , and to them we say: thank ye! ❤️


Ghoul from TRSdaily-stormer_999683-660x330

Real name:

Cooper Ward

Goes by:

Erika Ghoul Leder or Ghoul


1991 (?)


Omaha Nebraska


Co-host of stupid Nazi podcast called the “Daily Shoah,” part of “The Right Stuff.” Cosplays as a Nazi flunky activist with a scrappy group called American Vanguard where is he apparently a deputy leader and chapter head. The AV’s biggest accomplishments are putting up posters in colleges. His doxx were originally started by Nebraska Antifa, but then more was added to it by 8Chan.

Dox 411:

Bulbasaur From TRS


Real name:

Van Robert Bryant II

Goes by:



1988 (?)


Hermitage, TN


Writes really boring pro-libertarian pro-racist articles and one particularly vile article glorifying the suicide of a 17yr old kid. (Another fake Christian hypocrite POS). Guests on the TRS podcasts. Works in corrections (from FB)

Dox 411:

Sven From TRS


Real name:

Jesse Craig Dunstan

Goes by:

Sven, Seventh Son, and Jesse Bjorn


Jan 15, 1979


Fishkill, NY


Really nothing more than a “yes man” shill for the idiot podcast “Daily Shoah”. Was in a band that has broken up called Mathematics the Waves. Failed bill collection business called Robinson Billing Management Llc

Dox 411:

Millennial Woes: An AltRight Vlogger


Real name:

Colin Robertson

Goes by:

Millennial Woes


1983 (?)


Linlithgow, Scotland


School dropout, racist vlogger with his own youtube channel. Recently spoke at NPI, the white nationalist /altright conference. 

Dox 411:


Meet the vile vlogger whose racist rants have made him a global internet sensation

Vile vlogger who posts hate-filled YouTube rants is named as jobless ex-student

Influential YouTube racist unmasked as unemployed man living with his father

One Of The Most Racist YouTube Vloggers Ever Has Been Unmasked


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Ohio Antifa Rally Against Andrew and Greg Anglin

January 14, 2017,  1 pm, 6827 N. High Street Worthington Ohio

Please join ARA Columbus in Taking a Stand Against “Manlet Fuhrer” Andrew Anglin.


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