Bordering on suggestive pedophilia the Twinks4Trump use sexually erotic photos of barely legal looking models to sell as posters for $$$$s in the name of Trump.

We would like to start off this post by making a clear statement: we are perfectly aware how hard the LGBTQ community has fought against the stigmas and myths they are labeled with. Fighting against the false claim that being gay means being a pedophile has been one of the hardest battles the gay community has had to face while trying to be accepted and respected members of society. These false claims have been debunked over and over again while still going up against false studies and claims to keep the pedophile label stamped over them to prevent them from getting teaching positions, adopting children and receiving the dignity they deserve.

Enter Milo and his friends. While they are making a big show of fighting for “gay rights” it appears what they are actually doing is everything they can to reinforce the false stereotypes we all thought were finally put to rest.

One of the purposes of this post is to try to expose what Milo and friends are doing to harm the gay community.

Which brings us to the motivating factor for this post, the “Daddy Will Save Us” / “Twinks4Trump” art show on Saturday October 8, 2016 : In case anyone is interested in the full, uncut livestream video of the Daddy Will Save Us “art” show, we were able to get it before it was cut up and edited. You can find it here on Pirate Bay.


There are so many disturbing levels to this story. The content, the intent, the execution of this staged “art show” is way beyond what is acceptable in the political arena.

Let’s start with the organizer of this event:

Lucian B Wintrich 


Lucian Wintrich

Meet 28 year old Lucian Wintrich. He is the so called “artist” behind these disturbing  boy poster images.

In observing him, one is reminded of the old 1980’s club kid term “Poser”– as he is obviously an overgrown middle-class man-child  who feeds off trying to be edgy, as he is LARPing “Party Monster” in his adolescent level mind 24/7.

Lucian comes from a family design business called Einhorn Media Design Group

Since high school, he has craved internet attention and fished for it via an internet podcast called “Acorns and Merlot” with fellow teenager Mark Werner.

Now, (admittedly this is hearsay) we found a strange post on ripoff report that claims that Wintrich mentioned on this podcast that he was molested as a child.


Yes, this could very well be a troll and not based in fact.

While this might very well be a troll and not based in fact, normally we would ignore something like this. The date on this post is from January, 2010. This was years before his latest pedo-questionable photo series. Hypothetically, if there is any truth to this claim, is it possible that we are looking at a classic cycle of pedophilia victim to abuser ? Are these exploitative photos dancing a very fine line? The Acorns and Merlot podcasts are no longer available, hence we are not able to follow up on whether he ever made this claim. But it might give us an insight into an individual who needs some mental health attention.

The Event

For months there has been a whisper about the exploitative poster images at Milo Yiannopoulos’s RNC party.

These images again hung on the walls of a pro-Trump event called “Daddy Will Save Us” in New York City, featuring these “Twinks4Trump” posters.

The show had to be placed at a different location from the original space at the Boiler who kicked the show to the curb when they realized what a headache they were (Wintrich not being able to secure insurance, et cetera).

The new location is at the 132 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011-5403 at a space called the 151 Gallery in Manhattan (For the record, they claim not to support this shambolic farce, either.)

At first Lucian Wintrich– the photographer of these posters and one of the organizers behind the art show– gave the impression that the show was going to be focused around art created by himself and his other right wing Trump supporting friends. He added that there was going to be a special performance art feature by Milo Yiannopoulos, a pro Trump troll who was going to take a bath in pig’s blood to make a statement against Islamic terrorism. Other artists were the Godesky Brothers who are in the process of designing an alt right playing card deck featuring known faces in the white nationalist scene.


The event was very strange. Unlike an actual art show, it did not bring out an art lover crowd but a crowd based in political agenda– the Trump nationalist agenda. In watching the live-stream while it was happening one could see the awkwardness and tension of the alt-right nationalist crowd looming through the gallery with their main purpose of being there to support Trump and gawk at their new plastic pop star hero Milo. Most of them didn’t appear to know how to react to the art, design, and photography splattered on the walls. Very little focus was paid to any of the art at all, really. This was an alt-right social event for the antisocial.


The real main organizer for the event was a character named Ali A Akbar (and yes, that is his real name; he is in the glasses and black and gold shirt). There is so much to say about this clown, but we will get into that later.


It became very clear that the main purpose of this event was not the art or the posters, or even the Nazi playing cards, but Milo bathing in pig’s blood.


Effective performance art can be a tricky thing. It is a form of theatrical art used to convey a message and purpose. The claimed message of this performance was supposed to be about awareness of those killed by terrorism. That is a very powerful cause, one that many people can get behind. The bathing in pig’s blood was supposed to be a slight on the forbidden consumption of pork in the Muslim religion. This is when the performance starts to divorce itself from the intent they are trying to convey. What does a dietary law have to do with terrorism? Other religions have restrictions on pork consumption like Judaism, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Seventh Day Adventism. What the blood of many slaughtered pigs has to do with “victim awareness” is a muddling of the purpose. There were also xeroxed photos of these victims of terrorism on the wall next to the tub full of blood. It is unknown if the families of these victims were contacted or asked if they could be used as a prop to be splashed with biological waste; we are guessing probably not and one of the victims on the wall was a small child. Hence, any actual caring and concern about these victims and their families was obviously a superficial claim. When it was time for Milo do do this stunt, the mood was neither solemn nor even focused on the victims at all, but was riddled with catcalls and sexual comments about Milo taking his clothes off. Milo, the forever narcissistic camwhore, turned the moment into cheesecake erotica and splashed around the blood, most likely dreaming of creating scene from a John Waters movie rather than a sober vigil to victims.


Aside from the bathing in pig’s blood, there was really very little drama except for at one point when an opposing attendee expressed his distaste for the show and was escorted out. It is perfectly understandable to eject a disruptive person from your event, it involves escorting the person out peacefully and effectively and then sending them on their way. When it is involving an art gallery this should be done discreetly and with as little drama as possible. But, again, this wasn’t a real art show, this was a Nationalist thug event. What happened next outside the Gallery 151 was horrible and appalling. Daryle Lamont Jenkins from One People’s Project was there to catch it on video

In the video, we see Gavin McInnes and friends in matching Fred Perry-brand polo shirts along with one of the featured artists in the show– Jonathan Proby (the short guy in the glasses). Thinking that simply because they wear bonehead attire (neo-nazi skinheads love Fred Perry) that gives them license to act like thugs, they and several others ganged up on the attendee. They stole his property and phone which Gavin McInnes then smashed on the street. So much for freedom of speech.

Another interesting surprise was to see Marcus Epstein in attendance to the event.


Marcus, if anyone remembers, was arrested and charged with a felony hate crime  and found guilty when back in 2007 he was being drunk and belligerent in Georgetown DC, picked a fight with an interracial couple, struck the woman who is an African American female and called her the N-word. Marcus had gone into hiding for a while to get his law degree but now it looks like he’s back in the public eye.

If you’re looking for other write ups about this Daddy Will Save Us event they can be found here and here and here and here

But before we go on, let’s do a flashback to July 2016 to the RNC where Lucian’s toy-boy posters first made their debut.

Wake Up! The RNC Party

Back in July 2016, at the RNC in Cleveland Ohio Milo Yiannopoulos hosted a very unusual party for the Republican Convention attendees. His claims of the focus of the party was apparently gay rights and addressing the crimes against gays in the extremist Muslim communities. Okay, we can get on board with that, as we would to fight any kind of oppressive religious based fascism against the people. But, his claimed messaged took a sour turn when the party decorations for this event were blown up posters of what looks like low-quality teenage Grindr selfies wearing Trump hats.

What does the sexual objectification of young teenage looking boys have to do with gay victims of religious extremism?


Yes, this is what the supporters of the Trump campaign sees as “Gay Rights”at the RNC convention.

The photographer and creator of this *cough* “art” is marketing hack Lucian B Wintrich

Attending this event was a line up of whose who of Islamophobia like Milo, Pam Geller and Holland’s own race based politician Geert Wilders.

Wintrich says Wilders, who claims to be a conservative, was a big fan of his toy-boy photography.


Geert Wilders

Right-wingers have been praising Wintrich for his daring and thought-provoking photos. Some of the best praise he’s earned is from Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders.
“He [Geert] complimented the project, and told me that I was a fantastic photographer, said Twinks for Trump was incredible.”

Even though there were some write ups about the posters, there was no challenge to the nature of the photos in terms of the glorification of sexualizing images representing questionably underaged boys. If there were any challenges to the nature of these images those who expressed any opposition to them were called “puritans” and were accused of infringing on free speech.

Now back to #DaddyWillSaveUs

Now let’s take a look at the line up for the #DaddyWillSaveUs show on October 8, 2016:

According to his multiple posts about this event, Lucian claims this is the feature lineup for his charade.

Ali A Akbar


Meet the felon/conman who was one of the main orchestrators of this event. During our research, we were floored on how much this man is STILL getting away with. He is the president of the National Bloggers Club and has been somewhat in the shadows of political activity yet his past and present criminal actions are so bad it amazes us how he is still a player in the world of politics.

Here is a good look at his past criminal arrest record 

His political activities were so crooked and unsavory that Crooks and Liars wrote this up

One of his lowest points was using a young boy to scam a fraud fundraising campaign, which seems to be a common theme with the others involved with this “art” show.

The most intriguing part of this train wreck of a person is the juicy rumor that he might have had a gay love affair with …oh yuck…KARL ROVE? Even though it is just a rumor, there is a bit of amusement in seeing it pop up in various places . Mr. Akbar was not very pleased by these rumors and filed a suit.

And still the rumors and drama around this criminal are never ending.

Milo Yiannopoulos 


There is a ton of information on this conman and his histrionic antics. His main schtick– when he’s not bathing in a tub full of pig’s blood– is using the claim of being a gay man as an excuse to spew about Islamophobic and racist insults along with misogynistic attacks against various women he finds threatening to his privilege. In fact his attacks were so vile he was booted for good off of Twitter. He also has been exposed in various  ripoff scams involving phony charities he set up to embezzle the money from.


Milo had also made the claim that he was molested as a child and completely defends adults preying on underage barely teen kids and even is hiding the names of those who are illegally using young boys during sex and drug parties. He spills it all in the video below:


Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes.

We showed you the video of his thuggery and smashing someone’s phone in the street to be cruel, hence this screen shot sums him up perfectly…


Martin Shkreli


Martin Shkreki arrested on multiple fraud charges

Nothing says Gay Rights like the asshole who bought the rights to a drug to help those who are suffering with HIV/AIDS and holding it for ransom at a high dollar.

This nasty POS is probably one of the most hated people in America and has recently been arrested on multiple fraud charges. And he has some serious issues,


which is only the icing on the cake for someone who’s fast becoming the most hated person on the internet.

He also contributed “art” as an added side show act to this joke of a show.

James O’Keefe 

James O'Keefe

James O’Keefe Mugshot from arrest

We’ve written about him plenty. But for this instance, let’s focus on the fact that O’Keefe planned to sexually assault CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau and film it as part of a “prank.” That scheme fell through when Izzy Santana, executive directory of O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, had a flash of conscience and warned Boudreau ahead of time.

The Godesky Brothers


Sadly, Justin Godesky is probably the only one in the group with any actual talent and skill. His playing cards are fairly well designed and when displayed in this event they looked up to the competence of an art school midterm design show submission. The colors work well and while the compositions are a little unbalanced in scale of the images, they are still fairly well done and artistically successful.


Unfortunately the subject and content of this “alt-right” playing card deck– which was quickly amended to include white nationalist fixtures Jared Taylor, Peter Brimelow and Andrew Anglin– is disturbing and might harm his chances for a career in the future unless he is only seeking jobs in those circles.

Also, there seems to be an issue with people sending them money for the cards and not receiving them. (Do we sense a theme with this crowd?)

Their previous claim to fame seems to be a long-dead podcast about Dungeons and Dragons. Obviously some folks rolled a 1 on Charisma.

Jon Proby (aka RawTheory)


California resident Jonathan Proby   (age 37) has an amount of artistic skill, although someone needs to point out to him that negative space can be his friend. His paintings show some talent but are gratuitous in subject, immature in composition and basically soulless in execution. To find his work, one has to scrape the dregs of the wasteland of adolescent doodling that is DeviantArt to find his knockoff Rense.com staple David Dees style art.


“False Flag Nation” (yeah…really *eye roll*) by Jonathan Proby

We are not sure what he is getting at with this one. It is showing  Elliot Rodger (the sack of shit who murdered six and injured 14 because he couldn’t get a date) and Adam Lanza (the nutter who shot and killed his mother then murdered a bunch of kids at an elementary school). We are guessing because Proby is wearing an Infowars t-shirt, that this is some kind of expression of the moronic tinfoil hat theories connected to the conman Alex Jones and how every horrible occurrence is a “false flag.”

So much for that thinly veiled concern for victims of terrorism.

We will add (again) that Proby was one of the thugs in the above video of the assault outside the Gallery.

Sebastian Sommer

Tried and failed to market a film about real life Party Monster Michael Alig. Apparently believes there’s some sort of parity between the club scene of the 90’s and… memes? His career presently consists of bothering Spike Lee’s Instagram.

David Angelo

If you’re a comedy writer, boasting that you wrote for Jimmy Fallon is something you should leave off your resume.

In Conclusion

This isn’t DADA or surrealism or post-modern conceptualist abstraction. DADA was explicitly anti-“art“– by waving the banner of “this is art that should be taken seriously,” this show immediately divorced itself from DADA and its attendant philosophy of DADAism. DADA was absurdism without context; bottle-trees, urinals, cut-up collages, sound poetry and “difficult art” that challenged the nature of art. You know, the things that this show ostensibly railed against. DADA was taking things that had no previously assigned “artistic merit” to them and creating that merit out of nothing. DADA was not about creating “bad art” to be marketed as “good art,” but was an attempt to crack open the extreme and oppressive elitism of the “good art” world. This show attempted to attack the absurdity of “modern art” with what it probably saw as a “guerilla action” but instead revealed itself as uninspired rank-and-file footsoldiers of a decaying imperial mindset. Ultimately, they committed the most heinous crime in all art– they were boring.

The white nationalists who have attempted to re-brand themselves as the “alt-right” have roughly another month and a half of time before the 24/7 news cycle chooses some other batch of entitled debutants to chew on, so it’s natural for them to scream even louder for whatever they can use for currency. Don’t worry, when Breitbart realizes that Milo just isn’t stimulating the same core of damaged people that it relies on for ad revenue, he’ll proceed to do whatever it takes to keep the clicks rolling in.

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Traditional Hypocrisy


Meet the two Matts from the Traditionalist Youth Network. No, wait–  now it’s the Traditionalist Worker Party, or at least it is this week. Meet Matt Heimbach (on the left) and Matt Parrott (on the right with the french fries). Together, they believe they are going to bring a white nationalist socialist movement to the United States.

There is a plethora of information about these two– especially Heimbach– who has been a living click bait feature since he drove the Leadership Institute-sponsored white nationalist Youth for Western Civilization group into the ground, went rogue, and started a “white student union” at Towson.

Much has happened since then. Heimbach has worn several different hats from the world of white nationalism and in his current position he is desperately reaching out to college age youth for both recruitment and volunteer “foot soldiers.” One thing that has remained consistent over the years has been Heimbach’s often unhinged opposition to anything diverging from his ideal white, christian, patriarchal, heterosexual society. So embarrassing is Heimbach’s anti-gay behavior that he was publicly banned from the equally racist National Policy Institute conference.

Given all this, we were still surprised when our friends in Richmond reported to us that Heimbach’s Traditional Worker’s Party flyers were showing up around their city and mostly around the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) campus. At first, people were concerned about who was doing this at a university known for its progressive and multicultural atmosphere– and its very strong arts and theater programs.

Heimbach then was gracious enough to fill us in…and it was then revealed that a VCU philosophy student, Derrick Davis, was responsible for the poster hanging.


Thanks Heimbach!

This didn’t deter Davis from his bragging moments either and with a cheering section too.

A little digging gave us a very interesting information about Derrick. First of all, Derrick has a very well ignored website called United Right which appears to not have been updated since June, 2016.

He also sells T-shirts(notice the threatening image of a crusader stabbing a black man in the throat) :

His Facebook profile states this:


Making his positions very clear:


He might have also been at the incident at Sacramento state capitol. While he was there, he made an appearance here:


He has some kind of relationship with a young woman who goes by the name “Dreiiaa Bat”



While Derrick might give the impression that is is just another overenthusiastic white power chucklehead, we have also found that Derrick has another side that doesn’t seem to mesh with the typical Traditionalist Worker Party modus operandi.


Derrick likes to play dress up:

And the “dress up” often looks like he is exploring the boundaries of his own traditional gender identity:


He has even gone as far as drawing an image of he and Dreiiaa together with himself as a woman:

So the question on our minds is, “has Matthew Heimbach changed his mind about gender queer rights, or is this simply hypocrisy?”

The sadly ironic thing about this whole situation is that if Derrick is experiencing what could be uncharitably referred to as “gender dysphoria,” why seek community with people who not only refer to trans people as “self-mutilating sodomites,” but have openly expressed a desire to put gays and other “deviants” into “re-education camps?”

Look, let’s turn off the snark for a second here– it’s real tough out there for trans folks, in ways that are incomprehensible to almost everyone. Not only do trans people have to deal with legislators casting them as criminal degenerates, organized hate groups trying to physically attack them, uncaring and unsympathetic law enforcement officers, ignorant medical professionals, and the threat of violence at home– trans people subsequently have an appallingly high suicide rate. There are many ways of coping with all of this stress, and not all of them are constructive or healthy.

If you’re in the Richmond, Virginia, area, you should know that you have a good community with plentiful resources to help you on your way:

Health Brigade

James River Transgender Society

Safe Harbor Shelter

Virginia Anti-Violence Project

Diversity Richmond’s Big List of Resources


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The True Cuck: As told by a meme


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Was Craig Cobb at the NSM Rome Georgia Rally?

Here is a photo of the NSM rally in Rome Georgia on April 23, 2016

NSM rally April 23, 2016 Rome Georgia.

NSM rally April 23, 2016 Rome Georgia.

Let’s take a closer look…

Is this Craig Cobb

Is this Craig Cobb?

Craig Cobb is a long time white supremacist who is now on probation till the year 2018.

Same guy?

Same guy?

Cobb is most famous for his latest stunt of trying to take over the town of Leigh ND and then terrorizing the people of that town with the threat of firearms.

Is he in violation of his probation?

According to Freakout Nation (link above) the terms are:

A few of them are as follows:

He can have no contact with the victims.
He cannot be in possession of guns or weapons.
He must be employed.
GPS Monitoring.
He cannot associate with known felons.
His residence, car and computer may be searched at any time.

We are looking forward to more on this ….

NOTE: if this is NOT Craig Cobb please let us know in the comment section.




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The Enemy Among Us

MohammadThe stage of political activism has a mercurial plot. Most would prefer to assume there are set patterns and even unwritten rules about who is on which side of the fence when it comes to issues like racism, sexism, homophobia and antisemitism. These are for simple reasons, like skin color, ethnicity, sex and sexual orientation.
What becomes confusing is when a person is born of a race or orientation that happens to be the target of these hate groups– and instead of joining their brothers and sisters in struggle, they decide to give those who hate and despise them their loyalty and devotion.
For the past few years there has been a disturbing trend out of the NYC/NJ area of people of color either joining or creating their own neo-Nazi/fascist groups, many with ties to central and south American countries where it is becoming more prevalent.
Even when armed with this information and details of these unsettling facts, a neo-Nazi of color has infiltrated and attempted to compromise anti-racist and anti-fascist groups from as far away as New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Toledo, Ohio and Georgia.
His real name is Gabriel Diaz, but the name he was trying to pass off as his undercover identity was “Mohammed Abdali.” He is both Black and from the Dominican Republic and lives in the Bronx with his family.

“Gabriel/Mohammed” was first seen in Toledo Ohio during an NSM neo-Nazi rally on April 18, 2015, where he infiltrated an anti-racist group and street action there, and spent a good deal of time filming the street activists.


Gabriel/Mohammed filming street activists in Toledo 2015

(Gabriel/Mohammed can be seen in this video at 0:32)
He begged other activists during this action for information on how to get involved with Antifa/Anti Racist Action in the New York area and was handed One People’s Project founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins’ business card. From there he contacted Daryle who agreed to talk to and eventually meet up with him.
In New York, Gabriel/Mohammed appeared to be preoccupied with the group New York ICE, and anti immigration group run by a woman named Joanna Marzullo, and he especially expressed an obsession with Joanna herself.

He also wormed himself into the anti racist scene and was able to attend an anti-racist conference in Philadelphia, where he was introduced to several activists and long time fixtures of the northeast anti racist movement.
There were a few who found him unsettling and his persona and mannerisms odd. Being that political street movements are not short of a variety of personalities, this was overlooked.


Anti Racist activists oppose the KKK at Stone Mountain GA.

On April 23rd 2016, over one year after the Toledo rally, Gabriel/Mohammed traveled from New York City to join up with anti racist action in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended their convergence meetings to oppose the KKK who were staging a rally at the infamous confederate Stone Mountain park. He was able to slip into their space by falsely claiming he was there representing One People’s Project, this was something Daryle from OPP was completely unaware of. Daryle himself ended up traveling from Philly to GA for the actual action where he was met with Mohammed who barely left his presence while they were there.
During this time, Daryle was slammed with a series of prank calls, all identifying themselves as NSM, later it was discovered that the voice on these calls were tied to NSM lackey Mike Schloer who was trying to bait Daryle and others to attend their NSM rally happening on the same day in Rome GA.



NSM lackey Mike Schloer

Daryle was not the only one hit with prank calls, another prominent Antifa activist was also hit with similar calls with a connection to the same voice of Neo-Nazi Mike Schloer

After some inspired digging it was discovered who was really hanging around with the local Antifa and One People’s Project, and this black man who was pretending to be a Muslim and an Anti-Racist was actually a Nazi.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.54.38 PM

It was discovered that he made the news in New York City press in 2014 for being a strange black man who considered himself a “national socialist” and was trying to fight for his freedom of speech to wear a Nazi swastika armband while at work driving his taxi. Here is a video where he is interviewed and talks about being proud to be a “National Socialist”

This obviously didn’t go unnoticed, when Daryle and other ARA activists got wind of who this person actually was they set up a filmed interview of their own to confront him.

Of course he didn’t show the guts to own up to who he really is, but that’s okay, he is now   outed and ousted and told never to show his face again.

This has been a very strong wake up call. We are no longer safe in assuming that just because someone is a person of color they are one the side to fight against racism or fascism, in fact they might just be the enemy themselves and feeding personal information to racists and fascists of activists who are working hard to do good for society.

One People’s Project has also posted an article on Gabriel HERE where he has been entered as a rogue’s gallery.

Here is a printable flyer:



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Setting the Record Straight About Heimbach’s Job and Firing.


There is a dank meme (I’m still not sure what that means) floating around twitter and the rest of the internets about Matt Heimbach getting fired from his job due to recent violent actions at a Trump rally in Kentucky.


Even our good friend and accurate historian blogger Brooks Simpson was taken in by this meme enough to make a post about it .

As much as we find Heimbach an appalling narcissistic glory-hound and racist screw up, we feel the need to set the record straight that the meme is both inaccurate and false.

On February 25th, 2016 the Indiana ABC news affiliate RTV reported that the Indiana Department of Child Services who hired Heimbach in January had also fired him rather quickly:

DCS terminated Heimbach on January 28, less than three weeks after his hire date.

Southern Poverty Law Center quickly picked up the story and also reported on it on February 25th, quoting the reason for his termination:


When pressed, the agency spokeswoman said Heimbach “was dismissed for his behavior at work.”

“His behavior in training was disruptive of the workplace, incompatible with public service, and not protected speech. For example, what I’ve been told is that, while in training, his response to a question suggested violence against a client,” Hungate told Hatewatch.

Heimbach himself wrote up about about his brief employment and even brags about the nature of the idiotic statements he made during his training that lead to his firing.

During his interview with RTV channel 6 Heimbach even expresses that he had a chance to appeal his case:

Now if one follows the timeline, the Trump rally where Heimbach became violent towards a female protester happened on March 1st, 2016. Heimbach was fired on January 28, 2016 almost a month and a half before that violent incident happened.

Hence, Heimbach was not fired because of his actions at the Trump rally because he was already fired.


His violent actions from the Trump rally on March 1st, however, might have killed his chances to appeal his case and be rehired back. That is really the only way it has affected his employment situation with the Indiana Department of Child Services, and we’re sure it’s making white nationalist attorney Kyle Bristow cry in his cereal, betting that he would have loved to exploit that case for publicity.

As much as we don’t like Heimbach and his ilk, it is very important that we as anti racists report on them as accurately as possible.

They are nasty enough and have enough to report on without making things up about them.





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Baltimore Confederates Go Full Streisand

NcgLArW - Imgur


From Youtube:

Published on Jan 17, 2016
Every year for over 20 years, the Sons and Daughters of Confederate Veterans have held a commemoration of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson in Baltimore’s Wyman Park Dell. For the last couple years, the Baltimore Quakers have held silent counter-protests across the street. This year, Baltimore Bloc and other Anti-Racists joined them, occupying the Lee and Jackson Monument, where the Neo-Confederate’s planned to have their rally, to make sure that it doesn’t go as planned.

By the end of the day, none but 4 Confederate sympathizers showed up, and they were all swiftly run off by Anti-Racists.

#ReclaimMLK #DecolonizeBmore #TheBattleOfWymanPark #EndWhiteSupremacy *Disabled the comments just to piss the trolls off*🙂

This video is outstanding in its level of epic, from the tossing around of the tacky plastic wreath to the three way smack down between two of the activists from our camp opposing one ignorant she’Klanner who claimed she couldn’t be racist because …there are black people in her family… “the south fought the civil war to save the black people” *rolling eyes*…and if we all read her twisted rewrite of history we’d be enlightened somehow…yeah…

But that was one one of the hilarious moments of this day.. (BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!)

We then have the big cry baby who exclaimed …



Following that toddler level tantrum was this clown (check video @ 5:38)  who for some reason thought he could make up laws claiming that people were not allowed to take his photo at a public rally in a public place.

So…like this?


BWAHAHAHAAA!!! The idiot doesn’t even realize that anywhere in public he goes he is on camera because of Bush’s Patriot Act!

We call this the Streisand Effect!



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Confederate Flagger Jason Sulser Gets Perp Walk Out of Trump Rally

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.22.47 AMUPDATE: Our brother blog Restoring the Honor  has more lulz on this!

Various internet sources are reporting about an unnamed man with a confederate flag getting thrown out of the Trump rally in Manassas Virginia.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.29.13 AM

Now there’s a familiar face! Hey we know him!

That’s Jason Sulser of Stafford VA!

Sulser is the admin of the Facebook group Central Va Confederate Flaggers. He and his bestie bud Dennis Durham of League of the South have been behind the organizing various moderately attended rallies in the northern Virginia/Central Virginia area.


Jason Sulser and Dennis Durham at the sparsely attended confederate flag rally in DC

Durham is a full on member of the League of the South (LOSers); a white separatist – pro secessionist hate group.

Here is some video footage of Durham at one of their rallies.

We are not sure if Sulser is also a LOSer member, but he was spotted in the LOSer Facebook group page.


Sulser also has a history of violence:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.14.35 AM

As much as Trump feeds his moronic constituent racism and intolerance, it’s funny to see how he has no tolerance for their nonsense either.

So as Sulser and friends got thrown out of DC in September…


…he got thrown out of his political hero’s rally as well!

Video courtesy of Ben Cowlishaw

I guess some idiots are not welcome anywhere!






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White Student Onions on Facebook And Fake Photos.


NOTE: We know it’s been a while since we made a post, there has been a lot going on in the world of white power stupidity. If you want some interesting updates please look at the new One People’s Project blog IdaVox as well as our associate’s blogs Problem of Whiteness 101 , Restoring the Honor and Fools of Vinland .

White Student Onions on Facebook


The latest drama buzzing over the weekend is about a recent crop of “white student union” Facebook group pages that have made a debut almost all at once.

Thus far we only know of a handful:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.49.29 PM

What makes them suspect is that not only did they all pop up at exactly the same time, but there is no proof they actually exist outside of Facebook. In other words, they are either phony, staged groups or satire.

We took a mosey over to the newly created University of Missouri’s White Student Union Facebook page:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 11.46.53 PM

There are none of the school’s students named who have any ties to this group or claiming to be organizers. We even found a faux photo post claiming to be from a recent bake sale for this make believe group.


Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.46.09 PM


The facts soon came out after:

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 10.46.55 PM


Actually after we did a little research we found out that the photo came from a bake sale done by the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority for suicide prevention awareness:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.03.28 AM

Yes, the scum who created this fake school union group sunk so low as to use a photo of well intentioned, innocent young women working for the cause of suicide awareness and claimed it was for their sick racist cause.

Who would stoop so low as to be behind this demented charade?

We don’t really know (yet!) but we do know that Richard Spencer has been at the forefront in promoting this tasteless joke:

Twitter 1:


Twitter 2:


Twitter 3:


We don’t know if Spencer himself is putting up these phony Facebook groups. We do know that he had a conference less than a month ago to gather his demented, like-minded fascists at the National Press Club in DC as well as who knows what was going on in the local DC hotels where his attendees were staying.

Amateur-level propaganda is the stock and trade of garden variety white nationalism. It serves no larger purpose than to boost morale among its own adherents, but it’s usually so sloppily done that it winds up being a massive embarrassment. Faced with this sort of outing and its shamefully low population, Spencer or whoever is behind this will probably retroactively claim that the groups were “merely” set up as catch-alls for “anyone” who was interested in them. Another failure, another weaseling out of the unforgiving jaws of reality.

Richard this one is for you…





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The LOSers mean SRS BZNZ! They are Seceding with FORCE…to the Buffet!

Uh OH! Look OUT! Here they come and they haz pointy things!

League of the South attempting to look "threatening"

League of the South attempting to look “threatening”

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