Mike Cernovich, Alan Dershowitz and the Jeffery Epstein Underage Sex Trafficking Case


This past October we wrote an article about Virginia wannabe-gubernatorial nominee Corey Stewart and his Periscope interview with Alt-Right gadfly Mike Cernovich.

Cernovich, a noted Twitter addict and legal rape advocate, issued this tweet, wherein he made the claim that he was being targeted by accused child prostitution ringleader Jeffrey Epstein. Cernovich’s tweet consisted of a heavily redacted court document that he claimed was “proof” of “secret legal filings” against him.


Unredacted information on the court document included the case number, 1:15-cv-07433-RWS. This case is better known as Giuffre V. Maxwell, and is a suit filed by a woman named Virginia Giuffre against British heiress Ghislane Maxwell, alleging that Maxwell acted as a facilitator and groomer for Jeffrey Epstein’s child prostitution enterprise, and that Maxwell was directly responsible for trafficking the then-underage Giuffre as an unwilling prostitute.

Cernovich inserted himself into this case in January of 2017 when he made a motion to intervene and a motion to unseal previously sealed court documents and exhibits in this case. Cernovich’s claim is that his motion to unseal these items is a purely journalistic investigation, and that it was part of his “quest” to oppose pedophiles. This is, apparently, not the case.

It is then with no small amount of irony that we note that Cernovich’s motion was aimed against Giuffre, not on her behalf.

According to the response in opposition to Cernovich’s motion to unseal, documents filed by Giuffre’s attorneys state that Cernovich is attempting to unseal documents that were sealed under an order intended to protect Giuffre. The opposition documents further state that Cernovich’s motion to unseal mirrored earlier motions to unseal filed by celebrity attorney and close personal friend Alan Dershowitz– who is also named as being involved with Epstein’s sex ring– and that Cernovich is acting as Dershowitz’s proxy. They also noted how Cernovich has been a pro-rape advocate, often using rhetoric favoring the targeting of rape victims, as well as Cernovich’s relationship with Dershowitz, most notably Dershowitz’s appearance in Cernovich’s movie “Silenced”.


Mike Cernovich and his good friend Alan Dershowitz

People unrelated to court cases can and do act as Amicus Curiae (literally, “friend of the court”) wherein they act as unrelated third parties that submit information that may be of relevance to the case. An Intervenor is distinct from an Amicus Curiae in that an Intervenor is bound as one of the parties in the case. As an Intervenor, Cernovich is binding himself to the defendant– Ghislane Maxwell.

Instead of acting as someone fighting child prostitution, Cernovich is defending an accused lieutenant of an international child sex ring.

Further investigation revelaed that Dershowitz filed a motion to intervene in August, 2016, and subsequently filed a motion to unseal the same documents as Cernovich later requested to unseal in 2017. The opposition to Dershowitz’s motion spans 31 pages and can be read in full here:

Dershowitz’s involvement in this case stems from his concurrent status of being accused of patronizing Epstein’s criminal enterprise.

Dershowitz is a toxic figure in this case in his own right. From the opposition to Dershowitz’s motion to unseal:

Indeed, in over 50 statements to the press, he has explained to the world (if not this
Court) his reasons for maintaining his attacks on Ms. Giuffre in the media, in which he has
publicly called her a “prostitute” and a “bad mother” to her three minor children. McCawley
Dec. at Exhibit 20, Local 10 News, January 22, 2015. For example, Dershowitz has made the
following statements:
· “The end result of this case should be she [Jane Doe No. 3] should go to jail, the lawyers
should be disbarred and everybody should understand that I am completely and totally
innocent.” McCawley Dec. at Exhibit 21, CNN International, New Day, January 6, 2015.
· Dershowitz also stated, in an interview in Newsmax, that he is “considering” bringing a
lawsuit against Jane Doe No. 3. “And we’re considering suing her for defamation as well, but
right now she was trying to hide in Colorado and avoid service, but we found her and we
served her and now she’ll be subjected to a deposition.” 38
By his own words, Dershowitz wants to intimidate and harass Ms. Giuffre with the specter of his
sending her “to jail.”

By essentially re-stating Dershowitz’s motion to unseal, Cernovich is little more than Dershowitz’s tool by which he seeks to intimidate a victim of child sex trafficking– and he is stating the opposite to his network of gullible and sniveling fans who throw cash at him for his useless vitamin supplements and badly written books.

And to add more proof of the collaboration between Cernovich and Dershowitz , Dershowitz filed filed a motion in support of Cernovich’s motion to unseal

Cernovich is, of course, little more than a Twitter crybully who bemoans the deletrious effect “feminists” have on males and western society, and to that effect has offered free legal advice (you get what you pay for, I guess) to his followers about how to “get out” of “false rape charges.” Cernovich has been banned from Fox News of all places, for his continued advocacy for the decriminalization of rape and as an apologist for rapists.

To see more of the court documents of this case you can find them here.

Cernovich is also a close collaborator with the equally unhinged characters Roger Stone and Jack Posobiec. Roger Stone being the same one who was a Trump electoral campaign fixture and a substitute host on Infowars. Posobiec’s primary skill is manufacturing still-born scandals, and his main claim to fame was his incessant pushing of the long debunked “pizzagate” conspiracy theory, which was promoted on Infowars. Cernovich, Stone and Posobiec all worked together on putting together the so-called “Deplora-Ball” inaugural ball in Washington DC, which saw Stone being denied entry to his own ball by security.

(This exchange was captured on video by Vice News, where Stone referred to the entire ordeal as a “Cluster. Fuck.”)

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