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Some of the most interesting things stumble down our twitter feeds. As of late we’ve been witnessing the pathetic battle squeals from the rather clumsy fascista cadre, the “let’s blacklist the reds” clowns.

We’ve been here before, it is an old an tired argument trying to validate predatory economics by scapegoating progressive thought. While, we really thought that kind of goon squad tactics were over, the knuckle dragging blather is back:


Now, we are not sure who is behind AuburnWhiteStudentUnion@Gmail.com , but we can see they might need some “good” info , instead of damning info, so why not send AuburnWhiteStudentUnion@Gmail.com some vegan recipes?

Word has it the fash have a strange aversion to soy. It’s based in total junk science and an obsession testosterone and phobias of estrogen. Studies have proven it bunk, but the fear amongst the self styled macho cuckery still cling to the mythological drivel.

So, fam, go dig up your favorite vegan recipes and send them STAT over to: AuburnWhiteStudentUnion@Gmail.com

We ask everyone to please refrain anything threatening or hostile. There has been enough hostility, threats and violence and it’s time to move past all that.

Also, please keep any emails on a PG level.

Not up to sending tofu stir fry recipes? No problem!

Why not send pix of flowers, puppies or kittens? Also, poems, political theory, links to music?

Again: AuburnWhiteStudentUnion@Gmail.com

Please, keep it positive!

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