Grinding the Greer


The day after the presidential victory of Donald Trump, Daily Caller deputy editor Scott Greer posted this on his twitter account:


He then followed it up two days later with this little gem…


In this strange day and age where politics is in a state of flux and contrapposto populist fascism, nativism just threw the spine of America into traction.

The Alternative Right is a growing fascist/racist movement with a connection and investment in the Trump campaign . Is our boy Greer one of the Alternative Right? Good question! Let’s take a look …

Scott Greer, a 25 year old wannabe conservative journalist from the Tennessee area, and was last thought to be residing in Arlington VA, right outside DC.

In 2013, Greer was quite a prolific writer for the right wing college activist blog, Campus Reform, run by the conservative training center Leadership Institute.

The white nationalist organization, American Freedom Party– formerly American Third Position (A3P)– was so impressed with the writings of the young Mr Greer they reposted one of his articles.




In 2013, while Greer was being a spoiled child and kvetching in whiny articles about immigrants and blaming high tuition costs on diversity, he was also running around with an interesting clique. Most of his buddies were involved a white nationalist youth group called Youth for Western Civilization and were also tied to the Leadership Institute and the Campus Reform blog Greer was involved with.


Tim Dionisopoulos, Devin Saucier, Ben Zapp and Scott Greer

First let’s start with the far left in the photo, (in the Braves baseball shirt) is Tim Dionisopoulos. We have been watching this guy for a while and he even has his own video.


Back in 2014 Dionisopoulos started working for the John Tanton Foundation-connected anti-immigration group US Immigration Reform PAC (USIR) and as far as we know he is also working for Leadership Institute

Then there is next in line, Devin Saucier (brown/gold shirt second in from left). The most recent story about Saucier is when he showed up at an anti-RNC-pro-Trump rally holding up a sign which was full of crude and middle school level content. Saucier has a long and sordid history, mostly involving him trying to be as white and manly as his kiddy cartoon level mind can comprehend.

Meet Ben Zapp (in the center wearing the burgundy shirt), well, we really don’t know much about him yet, other than he was a member of this G+ Alternative Right group , you can see membership list here and another G+ group with Nazi imagery called the Frankfurt School.

And then finally at the far right end is Greer himself.

Just to show that the photo was not a one time thing, here is Greer with the same cast of white nationalist activists but this time including Marcus Epstein (in the pink shirt) who was one of the founders of the YWC group.


Epstein’s notoriety is from a hate crime assault on an African American woman.


Now it’s time to take a leap down the LARPy rabbit hole. This group is a little hard to describe, because yes, they are that weird, moronic and bizarre. Fortunately, there are a few links we can provide you with, including: wikipedia; a blog dedicated to reporting about them; the Daily Beast did a piece and so did the Wolves’ sympathizer (member?), the pro-white-anti-women macho gay man Jack Donovan (if you’re looking for that sort of thing). We also have written a little bit up about Donovan and his connection to the white nationalist movement.

The WoV group was founded by the self absorbed and narcissistic cosplaying brothers Paul and Matthias Waggener. Just a little run down of who and what they are. They are a male dominated Heathen/Pagan/Asatru group based on white identity, motorcycles and weight lifting. They have a plot on land in Lynchburg, Virginia, where they sacrifice animals, play with the slaughtered animal’s blood and get drunk in their campground called Ulfheim.

What makes this group so interesting is that it has attracted some of Scott Greer’s friends who were mentioned above, as well as Greer himself.


Enter a caption

Here we have Scott Greer wearing a t-shirt from that white nationalist youth group previously mentioned, Youth for Western Civilization. He is a the WoV camp spot called Ulfheim. Devin Saucier is standing next to him with sunglasses.


Here is Greer (in the black hoodie) with Devin Saucier (beard and black hoodie) talking to Seth Waggener, one of the Waggener brothers, who is wearing a white fist t-shirt at a WoV party.


Seth Waggener appears to be involved with media in the Wyoming area.

More of Greer at a WoV party..



Greer Today

A lot of what has been presented in this post is about Greer’s past. He has done a pretty good job of wiping out the internet of his past activities as well as his personal info. Much of the material in this post has been collected over the years before and in Greer’s earlier years when he became part of Tucker Carlson’s team on the Daily Caller in 2014 only a year after those photos were taken.

Here we have a more recent photo of him at the RNC convention in July. It’s not exactly what one would call unbiased journalism, but that’s okay, he might not have been there as a journalist, right ? Oh wait, there is his opinion piece.


And who is one of the people who “liked” his photo? Why it’s his old buddy Marc (Marcus) Epstein.

And then there is this photo…


And once again we Marc (Marcus) Epstein showing a “swipe right” affectionate response which is a reference on Tinder, the 2.0 pick up site.

We also see a compliment from Patrick Sharp. Sharp has been around for a while although compared to the other guys who were mentioned, he is a bit younger and came into the game a little later. He’s not YWC, but he came into the scene when YWC was trying to transition to becoming white student unions. His desire to start a white student union was not just out of the blue, it turned out that Sharp was also a regular poster on the neo-Nazi web-forum Storefront.

There was a claim that Sharp cut ties white nationalist scene a couple of years ago in 2013, but yet he is here spotted at the NPI conference standing right next to Richard Spencer in October of 2015.



As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, Greer is the deputy editor of Tucker Carlson’s publication, The Daily Caller. How does someone who is so obviously tied with several white nationalists and has friends who are connected to known racist organizations become a deputy editor of a fairly large media outlet that is well known and respected even in mainstream circles?

Any other reputable media outlet would have fired any of their staff of any level– especially their deputy editor– for such obnoxious, racist and immature shitposting on their Twitter account. Most reputable media outlets would hold their deputy editor to high professional and ethical standards.

Greer’s lame slimeball excuse for his shitty internet behavior was that he was…get this…”only trolling”!  Really? So, while teachers, elected officials, and various other people who have made stupid racist comments on Twitter or Facebook have had to be held accountable (and were appropriately either fired or forced to resign from their professions), Tucker Carlson’s pet sewer rat can keep his position in the editor’s circle because all he had to say is that HE WAS ONLY TROLLING!

To add insult to injury, ratboy Greer writes up a 4Chan level followup, boasting about how self important he is because someone sent him an envelope of glitter for being a total douchebag on Twitter.

Words like racist and terms like white privilege have been used a lot as of late, almost to the point where the words have become white noise and are losing their meanings.

Still, Greer is the sad, cracked reflection of what white privilege looks like. He and his little alternative right buddies are not advocates of freedom– they are spoiled children who want to spew toilet talk in public and avoid consequence for their actions. They are getting away with it because they look like harmless preppy boys, because they look like everyday millennials. They look like our neighbors, our co-workers, our sons, brothers, nephews.

Harmless they are not!

They are revolting bullies, cackling while pulling the legs off of their pet frog.

Guys like Greer think they are clever and slick by walking a deceptive line, pretending to be an actual journalist while hiding the fact that they are really nothing more than imitations of septic tank snorkeling internet parasite Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer.

If any more proof is needed in revealing Greer’s mind-sewage, take a peek at the bodily waste he has authored for the Daily Caller.

His whiny crybaby spit-up about reverse racism

His toddler level tantrum demanding to be an offensive pig

Hooray for the racist confederate rag!

That is enough free advertising for his moldy swill…you get the picture…

We think the Daily Caller needs to be held accountable for this nonsense, so here is some contact info you can use to let them know how you feel about having Greer-style trash in both their staff and printed in their publication.

The Daily Caller
1050 17th Street NW
Suite 900
Washington, DC 20036
(202) 506-2027

Or you can just drop a tweet at Tucker Carlson himself at



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