Are Oil Pipeline Contractors Behind the Phony #PizzaGate Rumors?


Along with the 911 Tr00thers, Birthers, those who are obsessed with Bilderbergers, there is a new sleazy conspiracy rumor in town– and it is aimed at progressive media outlets, a gay-owned small business in DC and most of all anyone who has anything to do with the Clintons.

It is such a dull-witted and convoluted conspiracy that reaches so far beyond reason that even trying to explain it is going to give us a headache, so here is the New York Times article that does a pretty good job of breaking it down. According to the article, the rumor came out of a place everyone automatically associates with rationality and critical thinking: 4Chan. Yes, that’s right, 4CHAN. This is where the base of the rumor is from.

If you are a believer of this pizzagate nonsense, are you feeling stupid yet? No? Of course not, by this point your central nervous system has become so numbed it’s impervious to any external stimulus. Congratulations, you’re now operating on the same level as a end-stage alcoholic.

Just to skim across the pond scum of this idiocy, let’s take a look at who is pushing the rumor around using YouTube as a platform.

One of the producers of one of the more popular videos going around is by a tinfoil hat nutter who calls himself “Titus Frost” (wow! such edge!)



With a little investigation, we dug up into this clown and found some interesting things…

According to a google+ account by that name   Mr. Frost is this guy:


and the author of what looks like a self published book called “The Lost Truth” which, when clicking on the link for it, revealed the actual identity of this joke who is really a guy named “Dean Fougere”


Mr. Fougere has a Linkedin which revealed some interesting things. Besides being a yacht captain for an unnamed “Wall Street investor”:

Boat Captain – Private Yacht
Oyster Harbors MA
May 2006 – August 2007 (1 year 4 months)
Captain of a brand new 38′ Sabre Twin Diesel Yacht owned by a retired wall street investor. This was my summer job for a few years whilst in college. Duties included driving the vessel monday through friday normally to and from Nantucket. Also keeping the ship and the owners fleet of cars as clean as possible, also fixing any minor problems. Most importantly being courteous to the passengers and being presentable.


From 2007 to 2008 on he went from glorified cabin boy for Wall Street, to vice president of a company called D-2 Inc .  D-2 Inc is an interesting company, they produce parts for the oil and gas extraction industry. And check out the client list…


We have no idea if this company itself is behind these shitty pizzagate videos or even behind the campaign to propagate these completely unproven rumors. We also don’t have any proof that the oil companies who are building these pipelines, who are harming our native peoples and corrupting our environment are behind pushing these rumors either. But that shouldn’t bother pizzagate true believers, who have already tried and convicted scores of people based on a tissue of suppositions.

This is just a look at uncovering the twisted and demented individuals who are behind this fake news, Alex Jones-style bullshit that is created for the public to look away from the real issues and chase down mythological nightmares.

Hey, we are just asking questions to get at the truth!


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