Confederate Flagger Jason Sulser Gets Perp Walk Out of Trump Rally

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.22.47 AMUPDATE: Our brother blog Restoring the Honor  has more lulz on this!

Various internet sources are reporting about an unnamed man with a confederate flag getting thrown out of the Trump rally in Manassas Virginia.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.29.13 AM

Now there’s a familiar face! Hey we know him!

That’s Jason Sulser of Stafford VA!

Sulser is the admin of the Facebook group Central Va Confederate Flaggers. He and his bestie bud Dennis Durham of League of the South have been behind the organizing various moderately attended rallies in the northern Virginia/Central Virginia area.


Jason Sulser and Dennis Durham at the sparsely attended confederate flag rally in DC

Durham is a full on member of the League of the South (LOSers); a white separatist – pro secessionist hate group.

Here is some video footage of Durham at one of their rallies.

We are not sure if Sulser is also a LOSer member, but he was spotted in the LOSer Facebook group page.


Sulser also has a history of violence:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.14.35 AM

As much as Trump feeds his moronic constituent racism and intolerance, it’s funny to see how he has no tolerance for their nonsense either.

So as Sulser and friends got thrown out of DC in September…


…he got thrown out of his political hero’s rally as well!

Video courtesy of Ben Cowlishaw

I guess some idiots are not welcome anywhere!






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