Baltimore Confederates Go Full Streisand

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From Youtube:

Published on Jan 17, 2016
Every year for over 20 years, the Sons and Daughters of Confederate Veterans have held a commemoration of Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson in Baltimore’s Wyman Park Dell. For the last couple years, the Baltimore Quakers have held silent counter-protests across the street. This year, Baltimore Bloc and other Anti-Racists joined them, occupying the Lee and Jackson Monument, where the Neo-Confederate’s planned to have their rally, to make sure that it doesn’t go as planned.

By the end of the day, none but 4 Confederate sympathizers showed up, and they were all swiftly run off by Anti-Racists.

#ReclaimMLK #DecolonizeBmore #TheBattleOfWymanPark #EndWhiteSupremacy *Disabled the comments just to piss the trolls off* 🙂

This video is outstanding in its level of epic, from the tossing around of the tacky plastic wreath to the three way smack down between two of the activists from our camp opposing one ignorant she’Klanner who claimed she couldn’t be racist because …there are black people in her family… “the south fought the civil war to save the black people” *rolling eyes*…and if we all read her twisted rewrite of history we’d be enlightened somehow…yeah…

But that was one one of the hilarious moments of this day.. (BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!)

We then have the big cry baby who exclaimed …



Following that toddler level tantrum was this clown (check video @ 5:38)  who for some reason thought he could make up laws claiming that people were not allowed to take his photo at a public rally in a public place.

So…like this?


BWAHAHAHAAA!!! The idiot doesn’t even realize that anywhere in public he goes he is on camera because of Bush’s Patriot Act!

We call this the Streisand Effect!



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