When the Confederate Flag is NOT a Rainbow or When Stupid Hits the Internet.

Just when you think the internet can’t get anymore stupid…

This is what happens when stupid hits the internet.

This is what happens when stupid hits the internet.

The brain children behind this mentality ….


Heritage not Brains


I really am glad they’ve chosen to take this route, because it brings the entire Confederate Flag / Dylann Roof issue back to the forefront, and it does it with such a ridiculous and asinine comparison that people can’t help but seriously consider the context of the Confederate flag. The comparison white nationalists are trying to make is that since Dylann Roof did what he did “because of a flag,” the Roanoke shooter obviously did what he did because of a flag as well; so all movements to ban or remove the Confederate flag should equally be focused on banning and removing the rainbow flag because of… reasons?

Ok, this is going to take some heavy-duty dissection, so settle in and we’ll begin.

  1. The Roanoke shooter didn’t commit his atrocities because he was gay. Being gay doesn’t implant you with a little gremlin inside your cerebellum that makes you want to murder straight people. If you’re raised and nurtured in an atmosphere that professes that everyone who isn’t a heterosexual is somehow literally possessed by physical demons, you do believe that kind of gibberish.
  2. The Roanoke shooter wasn’t motivated by reading gay literature that convinced him the only rational course of action for a peaceful and just world was to kill all the straight people.
  3. The rainbow flag never symbolized institutionalized slavery, torture, extrajudicial killings or secession. It was never used as a battle flag by people desperately fighting for the right to treat other human beings as cattle. More to the point, the rainbow flag was never used as a standard for a multi-state, multi-generation organized criminal syndicate whose sole purpose of existence is the ethnic cleansing of non-whites out of the American south.

The stars and bars is a moribund symbol of an idea that’s been dead for over one hundred years. The rainbow on the other hand, well, what’s Brad going to do, slam his windows shut and sulk in his basement after every spring rain produces an evil, satanic RAINBOW?! The rainbow isn’t going away.





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3 Responses to When the Confederate Flag is NOT a Rainbow or When Stupid Hits the Internet.

  1. Rblee22468 says:

    There is another glaring difference. The White Power idiots are desperately trying to compare Roanoke to Charleston. They are trying to paint everything from Barack Obama to the SPLC as being motivators for the Roanoke shooter. But here’s why this is such horse manure.

    First, some have made a big deal that he wore a Obama sticker during a news report. I also read he was censured for this. This was his own personal decision. It wasn’t supported by his employer. Employers can’t be responsible for the actions of individuals every second of the day. I’m just meh on Barack O.. I don’t feel he’s been any better or any worse than any of the other puppets. Whether or not the guy was an admirer of O. is inconsequential.

    Secondly, some White a Power idiots like Michael Cushman, an ex-Neo-Nazi are claiming the SPLC should shoulder some blame for possibly inspiring the shooter. I’m not sure why though. I have not as of yet read anything that says he was inspired by them in any way. Not only that, but unlike Dylann Roof’s inspiration, the CoCC, the SPLC does not espouse hate. They are not race baiting. They are not allowing people to
    espouse violent and hateful rhetoric.

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    • The Lamp says:

      They are desperately grabbing for straws while riling up their brain dead following…their campaign will be dead in two days…


  2. The Lamp says:

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