The White Nationalist Buzz Around Trump.


We don’t need to say much about how billionaire Donald Trump is feeding the crazy, and there is a whole lotta crazy going on. The media has smelled the blood in the water and is narrowing in on the truly extreme crazies and white nationalists who are supporting him.

The overt racism has begun to manifest itself in Trump’s supporters as Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was thrown out of a Trump event, only to be faced with the type of person who supports Trump…

Earlier this week, an article in the New Yorker magazine by journalist Evan Osnos hit the stands and internet, exposing the kinds of people who are enthusiastically attracted to the Trump campaign. His article was very well researched and presented, which means the white nationalists he interviewed were not happy that he portrayed them for what they are.

They attacked Osnos personally, they attacked him for being Jewish; some even asked their fringe supporters to send angry emails to him, while they were the ones who fully consented to be interviewed in the first place and showed what they really are.

Book by Jared Taylor: Trump Supporter

Book by Jared Taylor: Trump Supporter

One of the selected white nationalists for the article was Jared Taylor, who runs a site called American Renaissance. Osnos was apparently invited to Taylor’s Oakton Virginia home where he had the chance to sit with Taylor and his boy band following.

Over sandwiches in the dining room of Taylor’s brick Colonial, with views of a spacious back yard, a half-hour from downtown Washington, D.C., five of his readers and friends shared their views on race and politics, on the condition that I not use their full names. They were white men, in white-collar jobs, and each had a story of radicalization: Chris, who wore a pink oxford shirt and a tie, and introduced himself as an employee of “Conservativism, Inc.,” the Republican establishment, said that he had graduated from a public high school where there were frequent shootings, but he felt he was supposed to “ignore the fact that we were not safe on a day-to-day basis because of all of these blacks and the other immigrants in our schools.”

Now for some reason Taylor got pissy about this coverage, and he followed up with his own article. He writes:

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 5.46.32 PMFeeling SMUG? This is coming from the guy who promotes the “Bell Curve” in his organization and who fights for the claim that non-whites are inferior.



The League of the south was also on the list of stops for the article.

Brad Griffin with the southern white nationalist flag: Trump Supporter

Brad Griffin with the southern white nationalist flag: Trump Supporter

Brad Griffin from League of the South, and now Council of Conservative Citizens web editor and webmaster (he seems to have muscled Kyle Rogers out), went SQUEE like the homely wallflower who was finally asked to dance, because a big city reporter from the New Yorker magazine wanted to talk to him. It was obvious that the reporter was really there to talk to Michael Hill, but I am sure Brad raised his hand and jumped up and down for the opportunity to be noticed. And he was so excited about the attention he posted a “look at me look at me look at me” article on his blog Occidental Dissent. His excitement was doubled when he even got a call from BuzzFeed who were happy to use his attention whoring to help wrote up proof about the racist ties to Trump. In fact, Brad was so ecstatic he posted an article about his new claim to internet fame on the C of CC website.

Of course no article would be complete without the “Heimbach maneuver” and the rest of the Traditional Youth stooges. Matt Parrott apparently went to the Jeff Schoep School of Media Relations and thinks it’s cool and funny to sip coffee from a Nazi coffee mug during an interview.

photo_verybig_162254” Matthew Parrott, a Web developer who was sipping coffee from a cup adorned with a swastika, said, “He was sassy without being comical. He struck exactly the tone he needed to give the people supporting him exactly what they want more of.” He went on, “The political system hasn’t been providing an outlet for social-conservative populism. “

Who is stupid enough to do that? Who is stupid enough to wave around a Swastika on a coffee mug when you are trying to convince a reporter that you represent the average person? And then after Parrott obviously screws up royally, he whines like a little bitch about how he was portrayed.

He then goes on with a nonsensical rant about Jews, and posting a graphic to make him look even more like a fringe loon:

Yes, this is a Trump supporter.

From Traditional Youth Network. Yes, this posted by Matt Parrot:Trump Supporter.

Back to Heimbach, who is still flogging his tired old line of BS that he is just an average working man and has to work as a landscaper. First of all, Heimbach comes from the exceedingly wealthy community of Poolesville MD, which is one of the if not the most affluent suburbs of Washington DC. His parents are school teachers, yes, which means his wasn’t income equal to the neighborhood kids who were driving Porsches, but the average teacher’s income in Poolesville is at least $75,000, and his parents being veteran and tenured are probably making a lot more. Heimbach comes from a household income of at least $150K with both parents as teachers; he then went to Towson University, a state school with a good reputation. Heimbach should not be one to complain about the lack of opportunity in his life, nor did he grow up struggling. Why is he working as a landscaper now instead of using the opportunities handed to him? Because during his time at Towson, the moron made national news by spamming white power graffiti all over the sidewalks. An action that was looked so down upon that the Youth for Western Civilization crypto-white nationalist group he was a part of at Towson had to shut down. He continued through his college years making an idiot out of himself with his white power obsessions, while being a complete attention whore with cheap and blatant stunts to shoehorn his face into the news. That is how you become too toxic for any decent employment.

Bottom feeder pedophile Andrew Anglin wasn’t interviewed for the article, but since he’s one most of the white nationalist movement would rather ignore, he too had to make a stink by chiming in with his own preschool-level tantrum from the bowels the Neo-Nazi web ring, and attack Osnos with this:

Made by Andrew Anglin: Trump supporter.

Made by Andrew Anglin: Trump Supporter.

One thing that’s made patently obvious about all of this: Nazis can’t say “NO!” When you consent to be interviewed by press that most likely isn’t going to present you in a favorable light, you cede any authority to complain about how you’re being portrayed. So, ripped right from the white nationalist playbook, is their strategy for dealing with the media: “Any coverage is good coverage, and after you consent to giving an interview where you’re portrayed like out-of-touch idiots, make it seem like the interviewer forced you at gunpoint to read a prepared statement. Then call the interviewer a Jew. GREAT SUCCESS!” At least it satisfies their “yes boss” echo chamber in their comment sections. Don’t worry about how much of a cretin you made yourself look, you’ll always find retroactive justification and sympathy in your gigantic circle jerks of social rejects. Remember, you did this to yourselves, no international Jew-luminati needed.


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