Anglin Bails on Nazi March FAIL!

“…it looks like we may have to reschedule the event for sometime in February,…”

-The Equivocator Anglin


We called it! Andrew is spinning his proverbial web flackery.

His Whitefish Nazi march is not and never was happening, and the facade is shattering.


The timeline

On January 4th we challenged Anglin to prove that there was an actual permit for his little fantasy march where he and his imaginary friends and their imaginary guns where claiming they were going to threaten the town. The date itself was dodgy, there were mixed reports of first the 15th, then finally the 16th was pegged when a scanned image of a partial completed application appeared.

January 6


We, along with several other sources, contacted the City Clerk; we were all told that the application hadn’t been received. Our conclusion: it was not sent in.

By January 9th, reported by KPAX,  finally sent in the permit application. It was incomplete and from a logistical perspective too late to organize.

He probably sent in the application less than ten days before the march because he knew it would be rejected.

January 10, Promptly (as if he planned it), Andrew wailed like a cranky toddler in Chuck-e-Cheeses back to his half witted Mudkip followers, and in true PT Barnum he fabricated tall tales about chartered buses and the ACLU.

January 11,  Andrew finally bails, “postpones” the rally and blames Jews, “March on Whitefish to be Postponed After Jewish Trickery,” huffs and puffs about “lawsuits” and how he had “spoken at length with [his] lawyers.”

In other comments Andrew dread-bolts more hooey and claims a Federal law suit!

fedcaseBuild a federal lawsuit on city / municipal case? Really?



Dealing with Andrew Anglin is a huge pain in the ass. If people don’t know him, he appears very scary. But in reality he is really nothing more than an energy draining manipulator, but, nothing remotely bigly.

Our theories on Andrew Anglin:

Andrew may have gotten his start back in the old days of 4chan, and may have even participated in a few Anon raids. Who knows?

4Chan’s bedrock is freedom of language as it is a free for all platform where almost anything goes. Andrew could have found a petri dish to grew his virus there.

Andrew also probably picked up a number of his bootlicking riff raff from Stromfront, Alex Jones and Breitbart.

When life gives you a lemonhead-make lemonade; Or how Andrew Anglin helped raised so much money to “Fight Hate”


Calling bullshit on all sides

We have no idea what went down between Sherry Spencer and the Whitefish realtor. There is a  lot of she said/she said and different versions of what went down from different sources.

There is also a claim that Sherry Spencer had nothing to do with Richard Spencer’s politics. This is really not true. There is very strong evidence that Richard’s whole family was at the 2010 HL Mencken club conference, a conference put on by paleo conservative Peter Gottfried (the man who created the term “Alt Right”) where there was a cast of racist speakers and conference attendees including Pat Buchanan, Kevin DeAnna, John Derbyshire and of course the visceral anti-immigration immigrant,’s Peter Brimlow.


From the left: Peter Brimlow, Nina Spencer, Lydia Brimlow and Sherry Spencer

Now, having stated all this, does this give anyone the right to bully Sherry Spencer?

No, of course not!

If Sherry Spencer was indeed bullied into selling her property or even extorted into giving money to anyone due to threats, she has every right to file a suit and deserves justice. We really do not know if this was the case, but if it was we can bet dollars to donuts that Andrew’s big glory hound antics probably fucked up any lawsuit she might have had for the future.

We also want to make note of how much money was being raised from the “fight hate” groups in Montana over this big charade of Andrew’s. We have not dug too deeply into finding out the exact amount, but we are confident in stating that probably thousands of dollars were raised on the behalf of those who took Andrew’s bullshit seriously, or even by those who might have had an idea it was all theater and took advantage of the opportunity to capitalize on it. Andrew Anglin was a tremendous asset to their fundraising !

Andrew himself probably capitalized on the grift. We’re sure there is a friendless stereo installer somewhere who got suckered into giving big bucks to the tall tales of cosplay Nazi marching, as well as bilking donor bucks from the various other goblins who follow him blindly.

What happens now?

Andrew is claiming his march is postponed till February, …because gathering outside in Montana in February is really such a great idea!


Our guess is he means he is going to keep on milking this rag bag for what it is worth, and in turn, those he claims to oppose will continue supporting the idea of a make-believe Nazi march and make more cash.

All we can suggest is to make more popcorn and don’t get suckered into throwing your money away ! Peace!



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1 Response to Anglin Bails on Nazi March FAIL!

  1. Jon Hendry says:

    Montana in February?

    To be fair, a disastrous blunder on the frozen steppes is kind of a Nazi tradition. He’s just honoring his heritage.


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