The Enemy Among Us

MohammadThe stage of political activism has a mercurial plot. Most would prefer to assume there are set patterns and even unwritten rules about who is on which side of the fence when it comes to issues like racism, sexism, homophobia and antisemitism. These are for simple reasons, like skin color, ethnicity, sex and sexual orientation.
What becomes confusing is when a person is born of a race or orientation that happens to be the target of these hate groups– and instead of joining their brothers and sisters in struggle, they decide to give those who hate and despise them their loyalty and devotion.
For the past few years there has been a disturbing trend out of the NYC/NJ area of people of color either joining or creating their own neo-Nazi/fascist groups, many with ties to central and south American countries where it is becoming more prevalent.
Even when armed with this information and details of these unsettling facts, a neo-Nazi of color has infiltrated and attempted to compromise anti-racist and anti-fascist groups from as far away as New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Toledo, Ohio and Georgia.
His real name is Gabriel Diaz, but the name he was trying to pass off as his undercover identity was “Mohammed Abdali.” He is both Black and from the Dominican Republic and lives in the Bronx with his family.

“Gabriel/Mohammed” was first seen in Toledo Ohio during an NSM neo-Nazi rally on April 18, 2015, where he infiltrated an anti-racist group and street action there, and spent a good deal of time filming the street activists.


Gabriel/Mohammed filming street activists in Toledo 2015

(Gabriel/Mohammed can be seen in this video at 0:32)
He begged other activists during this action for information on how to get involved with Antifa/Anti Racist Action in the New York area and was handed One People’s Project founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins’ business card. From there he contacted Daryle who agreed to talk to and eventually meet up with him.
In New York, Gabriel/Mohammed appeared to be preoccupied with the group New York ICE, and anti immigration group run by a woman named Joanna Marzullo, and he especially expressed an obsession with Joanna herself.

He also wormed himself into the anti racist scene and was able to attend an anti-racist conference in Philadelphia, where he was introduced to several activists and long time fixtures of the northeast anti racist movement.
There were a few who found him unsettling and his persona and mannerisms odd. Being that political street movements are not short of a variety of personalities, this was overlooked.


Anti Racist activists oppose the KKK at Stone Mountain GA.

On April 23rd 2016, over one year after the Toledo rally, Gabriel/Mohammed traveled from New York City to join up with anti racist action in Atlanta, Georgia, and attended their convergence meetings to oppose the KKK who were staging a rally at the infamous confederate Stone Mountain park. He was able to slip into their space by falsely claiming he was there representing One People’s Project, this was something Daryle from OPP was completely unaware of. Daryle himself ended up traveling from Philly to GA for the actual action where he was met with Mohammed who barely left his presence while they were there.
During this time, Daryle was slammed with a series of prank calls, all identifying themselves as NSM, later it was discovered that the voice on these calls were tied to NSM lackey Mike Schloer who was trying to bait Daryle and others to attend their NSM rally happening on the same day in Rome GA.



NSM lackey Mike Schloer

Daryle was not the only one hit with prank calls, another prominent Antifa activist was also hit with similar calls with a connection to the same voice of Neo-Nazi Mike Schloer

After some inspired digging it was discovered who was really hanging around with the local Antifa and One People’s Project, and this black man who was pretending to be a Muslim and an Anti-Racist was actually a Nazi.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 6.54.38 PM

It was discovered that he made the news in New York City press in 2014 for being a strange black man who considered himself a “national socialist” and was trying to fight for his freedom of speech to wear a Nazi swastika armband while at work driving his taxi. Here is a video where he is interviewed and talks about being proud to be a “National Socialist”

This obviously didn’t go unnoticed, when Daryle and other ARA activists got wind of who this person actually was they set up a filmed interview of their own to confront him.

Of course he didn’t show the guts to own up to who he really is, but that’s okay, he is now   outed and ousted and told never to show his face again.

This has been a very strong wake up call. We are no longer safe in assuming that just because someone is a person of color they are one the side to fight against racism or fascism, in fact they might just be the enemy themselves and feeding personal information to racists and fascists of activists who are working hard to do good for society.

One People’s Project has also posted an article on Gabriel HERE where he has been entered as a rogue’s gallery.

Here is a printable flyer:



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