Trump the Neocon/ KochServative?


September 9, 2015, Donald Trump came to DC to speak, whine and complain for a rally against the Iran Deal (which passed anyway).

This was not one of his ordinary rallies where thousands of screaming cult followers were offering up their babies to sacrifice to their new lord , this event was an event organized by the Tea Party Patriots along with a forced “coalition” featuring Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck and others to speak , but it was obvious that Trump was the headliner.

One People’s Project was there and took footage of the event and has provided a video:

The most interesting part of this rally was not the yammering mouths on stage, but the puppet masters behind this carny act. Let’s take a closer look shall we?

Who organized this rally?


Who owns and operates the Tea Party Patriots? According to Source Watch :

Tea Party Patriots (TPP) is a conservative group initially organized by Freedomworks, which was responsible for organizing the anti-healthcare reform town hall mobs that occurred during the congressional recess period in August, 2009.

Everyone knows Freedomworks is a collaboration between the Kochs and Dick Armey, but this doesn’t seem to be the only connection between Koch and the loud mouthed Donald Trump.

On August 27, 2015, the blog “The Intercept” in their column UNOFFICIAL_SOURCES posted an interesting article with information that that hasn’t really gotten any big play. The piece “Political Operatives Abandon Koch Network For Donald Trump” clearly outlines various top Koch people jumping into the Trump camp in rival opposition with high positions:

Take Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s campaign manager, who spent many years of his career working for the Koch political network, first as an assistant at the Koch-led group Citizens for a Sound Economy in 1997 and from 2008 through earlier this year as a senior staff member to the Koch’s primary grassroots group, Americans for Prosperity. Over the last seven years, Lewandowski helped the Koch network organize Tea Party events and get-out-the-vote efforts for Republican candidates for office.

There are a handful of other key Koch players doing the same thing, but, why would Koch operatives leave Koch to work for a rival candidate? Or did they? Could this be a way for the Koch Bros to push for their endorsed Scotty Walker while keeping cards in the Trump camp?0

One would think that Trump speaking at a Freedom Works organized rally would bring up some questions, and does anyone who works for the Koch Bros really just walk away from them this easily?

There was a coalition supporting this rally, whether they are all Koch related is not known by us at the moment, but here they are:

IMG_0439 copy

Let’s start with “For America” which is apparently a neocon Media Research Center Bozell family  joint production with daddy Brent Bozell (executive director) and his son David (president).

The second one is kind of amusing; ZOA aka the Zionist Organization of America “a pro-Israel organization founded in 1897”. This makes sense because Netanyahu is very against the Iran deal and this rally was also marketed as a pro-Israel rally. But why do we find this amusing? A few posts back we addressed the racist/white nationalist following that Donald Trump has as did our brother blog Restoring the Honor. Most of these white nationalists, if not all, are raging anti-semites. And yet, here is their new Aryan god speaking in defense of Israel to Jewish people wearing yarmulkas in the crowd.

The third of this crazy coalition is the very Islamophobic very neocon policy group “Secure Freedom” run by infamous neocon Muslim hater Frank Gaffney (who was also speaker BTW)

Neocon Frank Gaffney

Neocon Frank Gaffney

So much for Trump being his “own man”, scrape off the hair mousse and Trump is just as much of a K street tool as every other candidate, only he has the rhetoric of a angry 12 year old /pol/ shitposter.

Typical hack politician!

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